Rhyme & Reason....

random words from a deliberate heart

















Feeling trampled, feeling worn...

Know what to do, but still feel torn...

Today's the day....But aren't they all...

Listening closely...voices loud and small...

Day of action, night of bliss...

Awaiting salvaton, for what's amiss.

(c) Nadia Romanov 4-5-2011



Peace evades this weary heart,
No idea - to end or start?
Decisions, choices, solutions to find
Must be now, out of time.
Mind askew in rampant search,
Where to start, what will be first.
Soul determined to stay the course
Listening in certainty, to know the source.
No sleep so needed in dark of night
Adhering closely to intuitive sight
This moon I seek to ascertain
What to discard and what to gain
Goals change form with every breath
The pain, the chaos meet their death
The new, the real, bloom at last
The result is seen, the magic cast.

(c) Nadia Romanov 3/16/11

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