Nadia Romanov

Forge Your Own

They say be open,
Trust, let in.
Trusted, burned
and tried again.

Don't wing it solo,
find your tribe
You seek to discover
all you need, inside

Religions get trashed
for the abuse they bring
But groups of all kinds
bring the same thing

Be ye worshiper of moon,
or idolater of sun
In church or forest
Trust is hard won

There is no refuge
in groups of a name
that give the impression
you all are the same

Beliefs and values,
the practices you do
seem more of a wedge
than a firm bonding glue

The only truth and wisdom
to be found on this quest
Is that ethics and effort
is what makes you, your best

No community, no tribe
No icon, nor pillar
lives up to its gloss
most just fluff and filler

The place you belong
Is your very own soul
Your diligence and truth
is what makes you whole.

The connection you seek
the bonds of true faith
Can be found in many
Aligned, and in grace.

The lesson here is
the truth of the label;
Titles and fame,
don’t mean they are able

Walk away quickly,
Run if you must
Remember first and foremost
It is YOU, you must trust.

Listen to intuition
Send fear packing
Follow your inner sense
Don’t believe you are lacking

Be humble and open
Learn and research
Make no one a god
Make truth your church.

©2019 Nadia Romanov


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