Queen of Propriety

The Queen of Propriety

Entered new terrain

Scanned the crowds amassed there

With horrified disdain.

'Is this how you act?' She asked in regal tone

'Have you no sense or shame, or dignity all your own?!?!'

'I have but one rule', said she

The one who spoke so frigidly,

'Treat me as you would want to yourself be treated

For you see, to cross that line, is to be defeated.

Standards, regimens, values aloft

Some lines, never bend, nor do they EVER get crossed.

You fly a flag of fanfare, devotion

But your actions are devoid, of a basic emotion

Without respect there is no trust

Just agenda, a personal lust

There is no love, or appreciation true

Just making an impression on me... for YOU.

You needn't be a King or Queen, royalty yours by vein

Just decent, honest....and seek nothing to be gained

Desperation reeks in stench of ego laden fear

Guises, masks, clever words... it is still crystal clear

SO', - said she adorned by prickly crown, 

'you shameful users, who litter this lovely town

Watch your agenda, your honesty, your truth and of course your lies

Or else, I will take my leave.... in the silence of true good byes.' 

©2015 Nadia Romanov

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