A Time in the Sand

There was a time once, by the sea

That you sat side by side, right next to me

You made it safe, to think and speak

My mind so brave, my heart so meek.

We drew with fingers, in the sand, 

At the edge, where sea meets land

Then came a wave, I did not see

It washed you clear, away from me.

How cliche, a moment in time

To try express, in tired rhyme

But one belief, I do hold true

Even long before, I knew of you

Some things.... some people... are pre-designed

Bypassing walls, put in place by mind

Be it logical, probable, or understood

Some things, some people... just simply 'SHOULD'.

So do I, small of stature and big of fear

Dash into that sea, full of danger, dark, unclear

To find you, grab you, and bring you 'home'

Or do I stay here ... on the sand... once more .... alone.


©Nadia Romanov 2015

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