All About Nadia...Well, ALMOST all.... 

Hollywood Girl... Seriously... I was born here, raised in the South & NY, and then came 'home' to this crazy town.

Hollywood is in my blood. I love this city where seasons are known by award shows and production deadlines instead of climate changes; Where the art and magic of telling a story is what is breathed in the daily air. Where it is just as commonplace to pass a costumed superhero on the Boulevard, as it is to be standing in line at the grocery next to an Oscar winner, and other fascinating colorful characters - just like you and me. 

I love - and live for - the stories in life. I read them, watch them, listen to them sung... and write them on occasion as well.

All of this, is of course, on the coffee, wine, and whiskey imbued foundation of being a mother, witch, alchemist, business owner, and  unapologetically authentic, and loyal... to those who touch my soul. 

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