The Wall

I felt your presence - knew you were there

Frozen, broken, could just stand and stare

I could not see you, but you could see me

Stagnant in time, yet still meant to be

Two souls dueling, yet on the same side

Invisible barrier, a painful divide

No one else sees it, only we can

Hard to explain, what we can't understand

Words of songs, waft through the air

Something familiar, in the swing of my hair

I felt you take a step, a moment in time

Thinking you could, maybe once more be mine

You hit the wall, this impenetrable glass

That taunts us with seeing, yet an immovable mass

You screamed, I heard you, it shattered my core

As you stood still and silent, right near the door

Drowning on the inside, tears flooding through

You know, you feel, and still cannot do

I wish I could blame you, even a bit

For not reconnecting, the ultimate fit

But no matter what looks, like a choice in your hand

No one can see you… not like I can.

I get it… I hate it... but know it I do

You're missing me - just as I miss you.

What seems to be simple - just make a quick call

Is once again met, by that stupid wall

I felt you, I heard you, I knew you were there

Though all you could do, was silently stare.


© Nadia Romanov 2014

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