I love to read....always have. 

As a child, the magic of the stories I read transported me to far away places, into lives I dreamed of living. I escaped, I explored, I laughed, I cried...I was courageous, I was coy....I lived to read ...breathing in page after page.

From a very young age, I was determined to create that same magic; To write stories that would sweep the reader away to new textures of emotion and experience. My favorite authors set the bar very high. Books are not to be just strung together phrases that tell a tale; Books are entrusted with introducing you to characters that become a part of your heart and life, taking you to places that come so alive that you can hear the sounds of their streets and homes swirling all around you....no matter how far away in distance or time.

The books shared here are some of my favorites, written by generously gifted authors.

This is my cyber bookshelf, laden with books I have enjoyed so much that I just had to share....

I hope that you too, have a wonderful experience within these literary gems,  just as I have!


Top Shelf...Beloved Books 




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