Still drinking coffee at 2am, in the wee hours of January 20, 2017, rhyming verse came bubbling to the surface; nonsensical, in no way practical... just words as I tried to find solid ground, to choose surer footing to step forward.

No air

No light

Pendulum swung

Beyond Far Right


Beyond difference

Beyond the hue of skin

Beyond sex

Equality…. derailed again


People are screaming

Voices unheard

Change much needed

Vision now blurred


Doom fashions a face

Bears more than one name

Collective, defensive

This is our shame


No more a victim,

We scream, we rail

At a world, a society

Blueprinted to fail


From progress to putrid

Power gone rancid

Hope once flourishing

Now deflated and flaccid


We can give up in this moment

At this terrifying new start

Choosing to deafen

To both mind and heart


 We can measure the challenge

To see just how low

Deciding from there,

How high we must go.


A small hand pointing

Turning back the clock

Must make us stop

Take inner stock


‘We hold these truths to be self evident’

THAT is the focus – all that is relevant.

~ January 20, 2017

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