The Necklace

 I buried the necklace, you sent to me

Deep in the sand, at the edge of the sea

I took a deep breath, and cast it away

Along with the memories, of that painful day

There was no sentiment, there was no charm

It just sat there, a reminder of harm.

Like a noose, it hung us both

Delaying love, refusing growth

I’d try and try, but could never wear it

Delicate yet heavy, I just couldn’t bear it.

Half a year now, in this full term delay

For us to be ‘us’, I pray every day

I walked on the sand, on that special beach

Where I first met love, my heart within reach.

I sat in our spot, where often we sat

Do you ever… EVER… think about that?

Written on June 26, 2015 – the day history was made and Love won.

©2015 Nadia Romanov


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