Take the broken promises.... the betrayals.... the miscommunications gone awry.... 

Take the memories, the histories, every person who ever EVER made you cry....

Take your desire

Take your vision

Take your dreams

and dance dance dance

Set it all on fire.

Some is the kindling

Some is the fuel

The disdainful the petty

The liars the fools

They melt down, liquefying into energy molten

To be reformed


Merged, recreated.... no longer pieces scattered and broken

Take that which has driven you to madness and despair

Take the vast emptiness, barren of love and void of care

Set it on fire

Intention ablaze

Raw, new

re-birthed to amaze

This is YOUR life...

How you will and desire

This is YOUR life....

set it on fire! 

© Nadia Romanov 2014

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