For the Love of Valor

Chivalry is not dead, just hidden in a few select

Reminding us of days long past, values we must recollect.

Much is said of knights and shields, protectors of King and home

Their honor and valor, courage and strength, daily lived and proudly shown.

Another power of equal strength, intangible to hand or eye

Was fiercely felt, and fueled each day, of peace or battle cry.

The love, the faith, the true devotion

The strongest power, of fierce emotion

Those who may seem 'extra', understated, or obsolete

Are truly those who hold the power; the kind that can't be beat.

Same is true this very day, of those who love beyond time or measure

Nothing stronger, or more impenetrable, than bonds that do not sever

No greater force is there known to man, 

Than love that is true, and lifetimes span.

Those who dismiss the power of a mother, a sister, a love, true friends

Will come to learn the silent strength, of those who will defend.

The Ladies of the Court, their grace, their strength, a weapon proudly armed

Wove the magic of their love, to keep their loved ones safe from harm.

Ladies of this modern age, in those of dignity and grace

Bear this same strength and power, that none can diminish nor erase.

So if you are a lucky lass, and have a knight of valor strong

Stand by your man, never waver, for that is indeed where you belong.

It is a partnership, of divine creation, full of magnitude and wonder

Something that the petty masses, can NEVER tear asunder.

© Nadia Romanov 2014

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