This is the tale of Awkward and Awesome.

Awesome was awesome in every way. That is after all what makes someone an ‘Awesome’.

Awkward was… well… awkward. People think Awkwards are insecure or don’t like themselves, or maybe even that they are clueless about how everyone else speaks and acts. Only Awkwards know that what truly makes them an Awkward, what really goes on inside them, is feeling different on the inside than how they can manage to be on the outside. The majority of Awkwards are not trying to hide or mask who they really are, there just seems to be some synapses that misfires between what they feel and how they convey that. They may think a certain outfit expresses who they are and it really doesn’t and so they feel awkward, like they are costumed for a part they have no desire to play. They may hear something in their head sound amusing, clever, similar to other folks' witty retorts, and when they open their mouth the most clumsy or obnoxious sounding words come tumbling out in a messy heap. Awkwards may just have that skewed perception, or a conveyance and communication misfire, or maybe they are introverts who really like people, or maybe they have chronic pain and even on good days they never know what may flare up and nearly incapacitate them, always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Awkwards can be awkward for and from many reasons. They can be fine one minute and then awkwardness hits. They can feel prepared and fall flat on their face. They can try to mask discomfort with sarcasm or wit and it comes out abrasive and harsh.

Awesomes may feel that they too feel awkward and sometimes I am sure they do, but they have the finesse to roll through it with grace…a bonus of being awesome.


So here is our tale of Awkward and Awesome….


Awkward and Awesome met at the store

Right by the ice cream, on the ground level floor.

Awkward felt awkward, but hopeful as well

Then in walked Awesome, and Awkward could tell

That Awesome would rather be in any other place,

But had given their word, so there was no escape.

“I hate ice cream”, Awesome made clear.

Awkward froze to the core, right then and there.

‘But that’s why we’re here’, Awkward did think

Heart pounding loudly, as it continued to sink.

What to say and what to do

Awkward wished for an Awesome clue.

‘I don’t even get ice cream with family and friends’

Awkward’s clueless discomfort grew to no end.

Out came some words that made it all worse,

Way too familiar, the Awkwardness curse.

The sprinkles on the ice cream, metaphorically speaking

Were the last strains of hope, breaking and creaking.

Awkwardness like a snowball, quickly picks up speed

Nothing can fix it, or stop it, or cut off the bleed.

Awesome can leave, forget and move on,

But Awkward feels defeated, all hope now gone.


This awkward tale comes just to say

How nice it would be, to redo that day

Nothing went right, nothing said nor done

The best Awkward can do, is head back to square one.


A reminder to each of us, no matter how awkwardly awesome or awesomely awkward we are – we must remember two things: 1) First impressions are important, our gut instincts can be swayed or validated by them, but we have to remember that some cannot help but step forward on the wrong foot – because they have two of those – no matter what they are truly like. It may take a minute, a deep breath, some patience, generosity of spirit, and another glance to get an accurate perspective. And 2) that if we are the one stumbling over ourselves, get up, let the bruised ego quiet down, and try again when it is something important. Never give up on what is important, what you feel in your soul, no matter how difficult it is. NEVER give up.

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