Music to My Ears

Every life has a soundtrack. 

Actually more like a library of playlists. 

Different times and phases in our lives, are each imbued with its own musical accompaniment.

There is music that keeps us alive and breathing, feeling understood and not so alone, that inspires us, that comforts, that invigorates. There is music that will forever be tied to memories and experiences.

My love for music is often expanded by my love of film. A cinematic experience adds new melodies to my heart.

Certain books and even poetry find their musical mate in my mind, as I read them, mull them over.

While mainstream music is readily available, heavily promoted, flooding the airwaves, there is exquisite music from indie artists that is often only discovered by recommendation. That is what I seek to do here...among other musical things.

> Spotlight my favorite (Indie) musicians.... > Share my playlists for various things...and we'll see what else.


"Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life." ~ Ludwig van Beethoven



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