Candi Fox

I have always found that we meet people, especially the ones who really touch our lives, in the most unexpected ways. I have also found, in many such circumstances, that one person or their work, opens your eyes to even more fabulous people and soul changing artistry.

Candi Fox and I connected online LONG ago. I had the privilege of being a guest on her radio show several times, and being interviewed by her, for columns and blogs that she writes and hosts.

In recent years Candi has broadened the scope of her writing career and is now a published author. Her first series 'The Killing Chronicles' already has two volumes available, with the third in process, and other projects underway from this talented woman.

Having enjoyed Candi's books, I of course considered reviewing them here, but chose instead to focus on what I really find the most inspiring - what is at the core of her work - Candi herself. Her talents, her process and accomplishments, and perhaps most precious of all, her generous heart. Candi is extremely encouraging and supportive, inspiring, and giving with other authors. Whether they are working on their first book or their fifteenth, a poem, or have embarked on the daunting NaNoWrimo journey, Candi is a voice of renewal, a voice that reminds the writer of their passion, reminds them... has reminded me....that a day of challenge, a week of typos, a character who seems to have stopped evolving, does not change the fact that you are a writer... and to get back to it!

Candi graciously agreed to do a bit of a Q&A, which will give you a glimpse into what brought her to writing, and more. Additionally there are clickable images to purchase each of Ms Fox's books. Her official bio and social media links are also below for easy access to the author herself to keep in the loop about her upcoming projects.

>> When did you first decide to be or rather, when did you realize that you were a writer?

In my mid-twenties, I was a pre-school teacher. Every day at naptime I would tell the children a story, I made up on the spot. You’ve heard of the Magic School Bus. My stories were the big pink bubble, they pre-date the MSB. Every day we climbed into the bubble and it took us to all kinds of places.

>> What genre(s) do you write in? How do you choose them – or do they choose you?

My genres pick me. I write paranormal thrillers about serial killers. A second paranormal series that is erotica. I will be writing an 80’s romance series, and a YA series this year.

>> What do you find most challenging about the writing process?

Staying focused, and self-doubt are my two biggest enemies. If I were in school now they would diagnose me with ADD, and probably lots of other alphabet things. I must have the TV or Music on in the background as well as FB open.  I switch back and forth between all of them. Believe it or not, that helps me focus on writing.

 >>What do you find to be the most exciting or rewarding aspects?

I am thrilled when someone reads my writing. When they tell, me they can’t wait for the next book to come out. That’s gold for me. When they fall in love with my characters, I know I’ve done my job. My goal is to bring you into my world. Invite you into my imagination.

>> What advice can you give to those who feel the stories within themselves but cannot quite make that jump on to paper?

Don’t be afraid.  Write. Remember a good editor is your best friend. Also, read. Read several books in the genre you want to write in. Find some bestselling authors and find out why they are bestsellers. I was so afraid for so many years. I could have had two dozen books out by now.

 >>What does writing bring to you, personally?

Writing is so cathartic for me. Emma, my main character in The Killing Chronicles suffers from PTSD. I do as well. Telling her story allows me to really show people what it’s like to have an invisible disease. You can’t see it, but it affects everything in your life.

 Writing brings me joy as well. It’s so fulfilling when I get to the end of a book. It’s an extreme since of accomplishment for me. 

>>Is there anything you can share about your upcoming projects?

The third book of The Killing Chronicles, Darkest Knight will be out this year.
The first book of The Naked Truth series will debut. I have a box set of summer erotica that will be out in July. I’ve been asked to write a book in another authors world, Tulsa Immortals. That will be out later this year, as well as the first book in The Swan Lake series, my YA series. 

For Candi's first two books, click the cover images below to order:

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