What you see…is it what you get? 

If seeing is believing, then what do you hear?

Why should I say a word, I’m not really clear.

If what you need to believe, is clear black & white,

Why then spend your days with me, let alone your nights?

You don’t really care; your best friend is fear,

My time here is over, that’s very, very clear.

Some will grab their heart and cry,

                Others will mourn like someone died,

Some will be silent, hiding in their pain,

                Some will believe, you’ll be back again.

Me? What do I do – when your colors are truly shown,

                 I sit and ponder who you are, this man that I’ve outgrown.

I thought I knew, but maybe that was my dream,

                                 Did you really change, or just never were, as you seemed?

The man I love may be uncertain, but never does he run,

                       He doesn’t deal with life alone, and still say I’m the one.

So where did he go, this man that I believed?

                       Did he really ever exist, or was I hoping out of need?

Were you always someone else, but I just could not see,

                     Did I hear what I wanted to hear….did I just believe?

©Nadia Romanov 2010

This poem was read on Facets of the Heart Radio Show on January 14, 2013 

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