Haunted by Love 

(Written as contribution to a 'blog hop' with specific theme and criteria)

It was a day like any other.

Cassie hummed to herself as she made breakfast.

The morning sounds were harmonizing with each other in the kitchen. The ding of the coffee maker overlapping with the pop of the toaster, accompanied by the sizzle of eggs in the skillet behind her.

Balancing her plated food and mug of coffee on a tray, Cassie made her way back to the bedroom.

Settling back into bed, with her breakfast on her nightstand within easy reach, Cassie leaned over and gave Andrew a kiss on the cheek.

‘Breakfast all ready?’ Andrew asked.

Cassie nodded as she sipped her coffee.

The morning banter was the same every day, checking in with each other about the day’s plans, and enjoying each others’ company before the work day began.

Cassie sat , listening to Andrew reminisce about his most recent marketing campaign. It had been a huge success, garnering him a generous bonus and other perks. The best part had been, working with some of his childhood friends. This international campaign was months in the making, and had given the group of long time buddies, a chance to work together, each from their own corner of the world.

Andrew looked over at Cassie who was smiling and nodding but seemed a million miles away as he spoke.

“What’s wrong Cassie?’

‘Nothing’, she replied in a barely audible tone.

‘Really? That’s not very convincing’ countered Andrew.

“I just wish I could make you something for breakfast too”.

‘Cass, look I told you, I’m fine. I’ll grab whatever I need in a little bit, but YOU Missy are the one who has to finish eating, and get to the office.”

Andrew’s reassuring logic, calmed Cassie, and she was soon dressed and ready to head out the door.

“UGH! I hate this part of the day”, she complained as she clasped her bracelet around her wrist. It had belonged to Andrew’s mother, and she gave it to Cassie on their wedding day.

‘Why do you hate it?’ asked Andrew, as he came to stand behind her, putting his arms around her waist.

Cassie met her husband’s eyes in the mirror and leaned back against him.

“Because I’m busy at work all day and I don’t get to see you or talk to you” she explained with a slight catch in her voice.

‘I’ll be here when you get home. You know that. I miss you too but for right now, you work in the office, and I am based here. Come on Cassie, no tears” said Andrew laughing. “Not after all the time you spent on your makeup” he teased.

As always, no matter what was troubling her, Andrew could make Cassie smile.

Turning around to face him, Cassie gave Andrew a tight hug, and said ‘Have a great day. Take care of you....and remember… I love you forever.’

Andrew hugged her back, and said ‘forever’, as he kissed her forehead.

Cassie picked up her bag, grabbed her keys, and sunglasses and headed out for the day.

As she locked the apartment door, she heard her neighbors, Mrs. Duncan and her daughter Everly, calling her name.

Cassie hurriedly put her shades on before she turned around to offer a half smile and a rushed ‘have a good day’ to them.

‘So sad’ said Mrs. Duncan. ‘She’s so young, and all she does is go to work and then stay locked up in her apartment the rest of the time. No friends. No family visits either. Not since her husband died.”

“She probably is still grieving Mom, and misses him too much to socialize”, Everly added in her perspective.

Little did they know…..home was the only place that Cassie didn’t miss her husband. Andrew was with her there… still.. forever.

October 25, 2015

©2015 Nadia Romanov 

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