(formerly titled Cold)

Written, Directed, Produced by Eoin C. Macken

Leopard is a story of two brothers. At odds and yet bonded in ways, that words defy and only a film of this caliber can portray.

Shame. Guilt. Love. Desire. Escape. Doubts. Fears. Secrets. All these, and many more, threads of human emotion and experience, some strong and dominant, some more worn but still present, are all interwoven in this exquisite film, creating the tapestry that is a family. A family full of brokenness, suspicions, and loneliness so strong, it is palatable. The past seems to hold as many secrets and unanswered questions, as are being created in the present, and that the future holds for both Tom and Jack.

A multi-faceted gem, Leopard will touch people in different ways, as all great cinema does.

The complex relationship between the brothers is riveting with moments of cutting pain, as well as moments of a tender bond that even their harrowing life cannot sever. Witnessing each brother’s inner cocktail of disdain, love, resentment, fear, protectiveness, and loyalty for each other, really opens the eyes and the heart, to both the strength and the frailty of the human spirit.

Eoin Macken is the master of bringing to light the intricate nature of each of us, as people. We are given some clear glimpses, into what childhood was like for these two, now grown men, and how that indelibly imprinted them each for life. At times we see their inner resistance, trying to carry on as if they can possibly be at ease in their own skin, in their own minds, at times railing against it. Every choice they  make, each action they take, every habit they develop, are all resultant of their past. True of all of us, really. One brother strong in one way, and the other in his own… and then the tables turn, and we see they each have some of the other. It is my belief that only Eoin Macken can bring so many layers and textures of the human experience, into such empathic reality for his audience.

Very Steinbeck-esque in its delivery, the writing of this story draws you in, and does not let you go long after the credits roll. The acting brings each character so vividly to life, you feel certain if they turn their head they will see you following them each step of their way. From the musical score, to the location, and cinematography, every aspect of the creation and delivery of this film is impeccable, and creates an unforgettable viewing experience.

This must see film, is now available for viewing on demand within the United States. Resource links below.

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