In coffee houses around the world, people of all types stop for coffee....a muffin...a sandwich...tea...and more many times throughout the day.

Social classes, professions, race, cultures, and genders all intersect and connect.

People make new friends, meet with old friends, do business, and sometimes come in just to be warmed by the familiar atmosphere even more than by the hot beverages. 

I do some of my best work in my favorite cafe. I will share about this magical place in another post but the crux of it is that THIS is what we all seek from our coffee house experience.

Great drinks, delicious food that is comforting yet nutritious, an atmosphere that is a euphoric blend of good music at just the right volume, the buzz of coffee grinders, people chatting, orders being taken....aromas of coffees, teas, baked goods, and pure excitement for the day.

Sure some of us trudge in there exhausted or deflated by our day and seek the caffeine boost....or energy from a nutritious juice....but what we walk away with is so much more.

....That warm feeling that we get when the barista or cafe owner recognizes us as their regular morning visitor and welcomes us.

.... That exhilarating comfort  of that first sip....all the way to the last sip of coffee....

....The energetic infusion into our own state of being by the buzz of so many people...connecting, beginning or moving through their day.

So different than a restaurant...there is a casual feel to a coffee house...a homey quality...a familiarity and comfort that we crave and love.

I admit I am a coffee addict...and a fussy one to boot, so it takes a GOOD cup of coffee to get me coming back to a cafe time and again. I am NOT a people person...I care about people, my life's work is helping and mentoring people and that comes from my love of people....and I find humanity FASCINATING...what writer doesn't...what spiritual person is not intrigued by what motivates and guides us all??? BUT...I am a loner...a solitary soul, with an innate need for privacy, anonymity - even the kind that can be found in a tucked away corner of a busy cafe. 

And so, I love these places that I will be writing to you from...they are few...and it will be mostly one special place, that has permanently secured a place in my heart....I have my corner table, my laptop, my coffee, great music, food, coffee, and the company of people whose ideals, work ethic, and personalities I respect.

So 'why the coffee house'? Because it is home...away from home...which is where the heart is.