There are days the pain wants to take over.

Sure, sometimes you can see it coming. Somethings trigger it, bring it out of the recesses, into the well-lit forefront.

Many feel it is random, sporadic, luck or unluck of the draw on any given day.

It is frustrating when we have a day planned, tasks of maintenance, things and concepts to discard, ideas and experiences to create, and pain shows up and derails us, delays the actions, and holds center stage.

I have come to believe that it comes along, takes hold, debilitates, paralyzes, so that we have no choice but to be still. To feel – not the pain per se, that is just a method to make us be silent, to force the stillness on us, so that we can sit with ourselves, with who and what we are, what and who we seek to be, what we seek, crave to create.

We have so much to do, so much that feels, that we perceive as being vital, the must-dos of that day; rarely do we stop. Rarely do we be still with what is truly the most important to us. Or even be still to determine and recognize that.

Sometimes pain is sharp, sometimes dull, sometimes physical and sometimes of the heart. It can be joints that wince and lock, refusing to move, rendering hands, or hips or back, fairly useless. It can be the void in your heart, where someone’s absence echoes deafeningly.

Sometimes pain of the heart and pain of the body visit at the same time, holding hands on a joint mission.

Sometimes it is pain that shows us we can move and work through anything. That we always are capable of doing what has to be done. It challenges us, to see, to make us see if we will make it an excuse or take it by storm and live forward through it.

There are days the pain wants to take over. It has its reasons. A purpose. And it is for you. Not against you. For you.