This blog was inspired by a video and article on Upworthy, the link to which is at the end of this blog.

I posted the following thoughts of my own together with that shared link on Facebook, and given the response, decided to expand its scope here.

As women there is the fear of being seen as sexual objects and not taken seriously for our intellect or creativity or even our if it is just our body that is desirable, useful, and relevant and not also our hearts, minds, and souls.
When we as women... say pole dancing, semi or fully nude photography, etc is sexually degrading to us... we are in those moments missing the point.
We are not just giving power and credence to anyone who ever taught or showed us that, but we are strengthening that perspective of shame within ourselves and women everywhere.
Our bodies are intricately exquisite parts of who we are, the sacred vessels - vehicles - through which we get to learn and live and share and express the mind, heart, body and souls that we are.
It is time to stop the self-shaming...
It is time to stop the blaming and shaming of other women just to try and stay within our limited and damaged comfort zone.
You needn't pole dance, nor belly dance, nor run, nor pose for photos, nor write, nor teach, nor draw, nor cook, nor parent, nor fully immerse in a career..... You DO need to embrace whoever you are, express yourself in your way....
Make the CHOICE (rarely easy but always worthwhile and ALWAYS in our own power) to be us no matter who told or showed or pushed us into believing and feeling how we should or should not be......EXPRESS yourself... BE yourself... because if you don't ... you rob the world of who YOU are - what you uniquely (female or male) have to offer this universe in this lifetime... and if you are not going to be you....then what can or will ever be able to comfort, inspire, move, heal, excite, or even sadden ... YOU?
Choose to be free to be you.... it does not matter who you live with, where you live, financial status, relationship status...who we are is NOT defined by what happens to us or what we are told and taught but ONLY by how we choose to react to it... to become in spite of it all.
Choose wisely... and Dance.