We all shop on Amazon… for ourselves, for our families, for necessities, for ‘wants’, and for gifts. These days you can even get your groceries via Amazon, though that one, I personally haven’t acclimated to.

Point being, we all spend money on the Amazon site. Regularly.

We really can get TRUE value for our money through ‘Amazon Smile’.

This is a program – all we have to do is sign up – through which a percentage of qualified purchases goes to the charity of our choice.

There is a list of charities – and be sure to search for the one you want to support – and I believe you can also submit a charity name for consideration. If you are torn between two or more that you want to support, you can switch whenever you want to, so you can alternate every few months.

This program popped up when I was browsing Amazon the other night (serious book-a-holic!!!). Sure enough it listed a few charities I hold in high regard, but there was one in particular I wanted to find. Searched and located Sightsavers.

Sure, donations directly to Sightsavers (or any charity) are a larger sum and we feel more accomplished when we contribute in that way. The point really is, however, to provide support to the organizations that do the works we would like to support. Even when an actual donation is not in our budget, but we are still able to purchase our kids’ mandatory reading list books, a pet bed etc., we can still be helping. Every little bit does count.

Below is the link for the Smile Program. When you sign up it will adjust your Amazon account to log in as usual but attached to a url that will automatically contribute to your selected charity for each of your qualified purchases.

Win. Win.

More info on Amazon Smile here

My selected charity – Sightsavers – more info