From mid-April through the full month of May, Spring is lush and bountiful, luxurious and beautiful. Nature sets the stage, and the vibrancy in the air is electrifying. Spring has its own palette of colors, range of aromas, and symphony of sounds. It is no wonder, that those who honor and celebrate the festive sanctity of Beltane, anticipate it with such excitement and passion.

With every sense awakened and seeped in pleasurable sights, sounds, smells, and sensations, it is easy to submerge in the mundane and physical enjoyments of this season.

I choose to go deeper.

The flavors of the season are not just ripe and ready for the pleasure of the physical senses but also to stir the soul, to feed our inner muse, and inspire our personal expansion and elevation.

The energy of this season is an all-encompassing atmosphere that shows us potential and beckons us to step up and align into the lushness of our potential.

Life is not a term of time during which to endure whatever swirls around us. Life is a flow of energy that seasonally alternates between quiet, introspective stillness of winter, burgeoning potential of early spring, the bountiful vibrant segue from spring into summer as all ripens into manifestation, and then the releasing in autumn to shed all barriers to clearly see the blessings we are so grateful to have acquired along the way. Our soul is given every experience it needs for its nourishment, pleasure, and growth, and now in this midspring time, it is blossoming vibrantly just for us.

In this season there is no way to ignore the beauty in life, the process of change and growth, the development from intention to fruition, and the constancy of life flowing.

If you find yourself dancing round an actual Maypole or not, I urge you to still reach out and grab the colorful tendrils that this season offers us, and danceā€¦ with potential, with hope, with grace, and on into the next glorious season of the soul.