As we travel the journey of life, we often get retrospective, sentimental, remorseful, or even regretful. As if we are looking in the rear view mirror as we drive forward on our path. It is human nature to look at the past to see what we have experienced - hopefully to learn from it, but unfortunately more often than not we see only past mistakes and pain. I always remind myself as well as my children and clients that keeping our eyes fixated on the past will bring the same result as looking non-stop in the rear view mirror as we drive forward.... we will surely crash.

We have to look...remember the lessons, see how far we have come, and yet not hold onto the baggage that is so heavy and no longer of use to us and just weighs us down, slows us down.....and we have to see how far we have come, but FOCUS on where we are going... not where we have been.

This lesson is strong for me today.