1:50 am and the skies open up in LA and it begins to pour.

I can almost feel the panic set in.... in the locals that is... not in me.....born here perhaps but far different in some basic natures than most LA folk. Perhaps it was the years growing up in Virginia and New York, or maybe it is my ancestry having more sway in my instincts and personality that leaves me more 'European' than a typical 'Cali girl'.

The rain panic....It begins in this 'denial that it ever rains here, no drainage, we melt in the rain not in the sun' city.

Traffic will slow as if a drizzle to moderate downpour causes us to hydroplane and wash away. The rain damage to traffic here is the fear of rain drivers' mentality.

Don't get me wrong - I am no super fan of the rain. I'm not one to dance and prance in it, and be thrilled at the chance to twirl an umbrella. Nope. Not me.

Inside, long past when I should be asleep,safely dry and warm, late night coffee in hand, the rain harmonizes with the clicking of keys on my laptop. I hear it as a filter to other noise both outward and inward, allowing me this watery cocoon in which to focus and write. Hydrating my own personal drought of the 'right words'.

LA needs the rain....better at night when most are asleep. Just learn to appreciate it... look out your window at the colorfully lit city glistening and twinkling through the watery sheen. Enjoy the clear and clean texture to the air, the sharp vividness in your view, as the rain washes through the latest curtains of smog and residue. If all else fails, grab a surfboard and ride the waves safely through the storm.

Those words I've been searching for... they're calling.... Stay safe, stay dry, and embrace the rain.