When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts.  A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child. 

 ~Sophia Loren,Women and Beauty


I love this quote by Sophia Loren, who is perhaps not whom we picture, when we think ‘mom’….but a mom indeed she is! In addition to the glam, the glitz, and the exotic accent….she is a mom, and by this quote, clearly gets ‘it’. You know….that exhausting factor that no one else…not even fathers can quite grasp. – There is NEVER EVER EVER a moment when our children are not on our minds; when we are not worrying, planning, factoring them in to every decision we make.


We are never alone….that sounds so comforting…but at times it also feels a tad claustrophobic. As mothers we carry with us the most tremendous responsibility….but far from a burden, it is actually the most tremendous gift.


This gift of motherhood has the amazing ability of being re-given to us in little doses, tiny moments, scattered here and there.


….we catch a glimpse of our child looking or acting just like us. Watching a mini me version of ourselves warms the heart, and the mother-child connection fills us up so much it even pushes out the exhaustion we often have.


…our child accomplishes something he or she has been REALLY wanting. The joy we feel as we look at their beaming, ecstatic face, goes far beyond any joy we have ever personally felt before.


…that mischievous grin…that while it may mean ‘uh oh, my kid just got a hair brained idea that is sure to restructure my living room’…it also holds such light, joy, and promise….it makes our hearts hopeful, and amuses the heck out of us.


…the little hand creeping in to ours…even a teenage sized hand…to just hold our hand….just because you are both there and you are their mom. Nothing sweeter!


…’This is Yummy’….no 5 star chef review needed…When we hear this often mouth filled passionate declaration…we feel like culinary geniuses, super mom incarnate!


You know the moments….they come unexpectedly….they are often fleeting…sometimes swept away in the chaos of the day…but they stay with us forever…as memories…as sacred brilliant Moments of Motherhood…they are with us forever ….like a tattoo on our heart.