Creativity is such a gift.

It is a gift within the person who has the creative notions and embodies the muse, and whose actions and expressions are inspired by it.

It is a gift to all those who hear, watch, read... the creation.

Those who watch an entertaining film, listen to moving music, or read an engaging story, are then in turn inspired to create... even if only a tweet, or blog, or comment....but often, they are motivated and fueled to create even more.

Creativity is the gift that keeps on giving.

Eoin Macken is a treasure trove of creativity. The acting, the writing, directing, producing of films, the photography, the penning an exceptionally rich novel... and even posting quirkily and cleverly humorous tweets. There are SO many who tweet to him, have blogged, comment on Instagram, how his work (various pieces trigger various folks) has moved them, encouraged them, and lit a fire within them to take the plunge and share their own work, and thoughts, and the like.

Talk about a gift who keeps on giving.

Now we have a chance to 'give back'.

Eoin's debut novel 'Kingdom of Scars' has been nominated - shortlisted actually! - for The Sunday Independent Newcomer of the Year Award in The Irish Book Awards. It is time to vote and do our part, as a grateful audience, to get Eoin his award. Click HERE to vote.

Kingdom of Scars can be purchased for Kindle on Amazon HERE 

or a 'real' copy of the book can be purchased directly from the publisher HERE or from Eason's in Dublin by clicking HERE.

While waiting for Amazon to make it available here in The States, I ordered copies from both these sources and the delivery from Ireland to California was surprisingly quick.

What? I am NOT impatient... there are simply some things in life that one NEEDS and cannot wait to have... Kingdom of Scars is precisely one of those.

Buy the book. Vote!!!