This morning I am reading the gloating posts....

I am reading the terrified posts.

I am reading the terrified posts presented as hopeful posts

I am reading the 'uplifting' posts.

None of it sounds right to me.

I personally cannot love harder - I love so hard it usually breaks me... be it a cause, a cat, a person, a belief....


I personally will not hide my head... um.. anywhere and hope for a miracle (yet my son does keep pointing out that jail and impeachment are not off the table and may be so in record time).


Neither will I fold to fear and pressure and what looks to be unbeatable circumstance and scenario and accept that we as humanity are fucked and have no hope... or that it will be mass mayhem but 'we can endure'. No sorry folks... not all survived 'such times before'.

SO many I know - that we ALL know - have fought what already was, to feel safe and free to expose themselves - who they love, how they believe, and more. That fight was done in harsh social and political climate that was already on the upswing from earlier days of persecution. We are not in the 'upswing from', we are now in a time of DEEPER threat to safety and existence, a time where it is even easier to persecute than in the past eras due to technology and all of our advancements.

I - and many people (both genders) I know - did what seemed unthinkable and left unions (marriages and the like) with those who harmed our children, threatened us, and whose venom seemed thicker and stronger than even the perceived wrath of God. We planned in secret, we kept our eye on what was precious and priority (safety and well being of those we love), we worked our asses off, we kept a vigilant protective eye on what/who we value, we did not sleep, we created a new reality, a new existence.

We cannot just 'heal' from the wounds of fear and shock.

We cannot 'fight' in warrior mode for 4 years and beyond into the overflow times even past this horror as no warrior is constant, all need down time, stamina needs to be refueled.

What we MUST be is focused, strong, determined.

No longer can we waste precious heart and time and energy, and faith in those who speak and act unconscionably. Refuse it. Do not open your door or inbox to it. Do not invite it in for debate, as it leaks doubt and fear onto your inner décor of fortitude and fairness. Do not make excuses for it. Do not only bless it with light.


Refuse it.




Get back to what you do, to what you believe in.

Teach your sons and daughters, every girl and boy, man and woman, that no matter who they love, how they look, or what they believe in, that they matter, and CAN accomplish and be whatever they choose to. It will not always be easy or fair, but never give up on what is right and just.


Be judicious in who you do business with, engage with online, support (in art, in business, in politics, in life).


Protect those who feel and who are vulnerable to the ignorance and aggression of others.



When we think of the world we want to live in and now feel and say ‘that will never happen, at least not in the upcoming four years… well we also said that Trump would not win... we have to wish, but more importantly, we must act and speak... and never assume the worst nor the best.


We can behave with grace even in trenches, even in fear, even being oppressed. Grace is not caving in, it is rising up. It is standing in the power of our convictions unwaveringly.


Inhale. Exhale. Prioritize. Strategize. Speak. Act. Support. BE.

With grace and power.

And may the best person (we each are) win… EVERY DAY!