Last night I clearly was on a political posting spree (on my personal Facebook page). I'm wondering how anyone can NOT be, at this point in time.

Let me be clear:

I would have preferred Bernie though I knew he didn’t have the marketability to become POTUS.

I think it is SO important that a woman is a candidate for the presidency (and given current choices hopefully will be POTUS) - for the sake of 'anyone can', anyone should be able to be a candidate elect based on their ability to be a great leader and not held back due to gender. REREAD that! Not held back due to gender.....that does NOT mean I am blindly voting for her no matter what she says because she is a woman.

I feel it is my responsibility to myself, to my children, to society to do whatever is needed to keep a barbaric tyrant out of office which means casting a vote that will count against him and not be sucked into a void of 'I don’t like anyone' votes. This does not mean I like everything or maybe anything about Hillary. Doesn't mean that I don't. It means that I will be 'with her' if it's the most viable way 'not to have him'.

This election - by the very hand of that same 'candidate' - has become a fight that far exceeds politics. It is, as I keep screaming (in writing), about humanity.

Mrs. Clinton has done a lot that is... terrible. A lot that is sneaky, underhanded, not the ethical fiber I'd ideally want in anyone let alone POTUS. HOWEVER, besides our current President, there has been nary a one candidate for anything EVER, anywhere that has not had such realities about them. Sad but true.

This man boasts of accosting women - not just an old recording but when he stands there currently and diminishes the accusations of assault against him, by saying many of those women are not attractive enough to assault, it confirms his CURRENT and constant, not just view, and not just words, but actions and evaluatory perspectives towards women, violence against them etc. Some absolute idiot asked me if I was 'really so worried Trump would ever rape me'. No, you petri dish experiment gone wrong, but I DO see that as president, who he selects and supports in our judicial system will not protect us. And that sadly, is only ONE way for his entitlement, his misogyny, his hair trigger temper, his violent streak, and the like, to not just ‘not protect’ us, but actually put us at risk.

Who is ‘us’? Women? Well sure but not only women.

I will say it again – very slowly – so pay attention.



Women, men, children, of any and all cultures, genders, faiths, races, perspectives, personalities, opinions, choices, orientations, sizes, colors, ages, and even political views.

Humanity is a whole. You rip out one thread, you burn a hole (or a church!), or cut a gash in one part and the whole thing unravels.

What the unholy hell has happened to us as people (not A people but PEOPLE – all people) that we are even remotely considering let alone advocating and allowing, facilitating (by silence or lost vote for some third party), or even tolerating a person who embodies the most deplorable (my word not Hillary’s) and dangerous traits possible?!?!? Why are we even entertaining the concept that he should become one of the most powerful people in the world? Our world???

I have been chastised as being immature and naïve. Been told Hilary is no better. Been told that ‘we can agree to disagree on politics’. I’m all for differing opinions, diverse views and choices. What I will not abide, stay silent about, or accept in my personal space is those who are a danger (or facilitate a danger) to me, to my loved ones, to humanity, to decency. So no… someone voting for Trump is not just ‘disagreeing with me’, they are engendering me and mine (and you and yours even if you don’t see it) and it’s beyond ‘not seeing it from your point of view’ – it is being appalled at your ethics and worried for your sanity.

To protect not just a democratic process but a decent and humane social atmosphere has to be what every sane person wants – right??? Right?????!

I’ve stopped asking people how they would feel if Trump and his Trumposity would keep their teenage daughter from justice if she were attacked, would steal benefits from their elderly parents or Gran, would paint a bullseye for violence on the back of their gay son… I stopped asking because the responses were crushingly delusional…. ‘that won’t happen to us’ (EVERYONE is US and no one wants to believe it could be THEM but it can be)… he’d never do that… well he’s SWEARING he will so.. do you not believe your own demagogue?

I was ‘unfriended’ and blocked by folks who simply do not want me to say my views. Me saying my views was ‘nasty’ (sounding like your candidate right there, yeah you are!) even when politely articulated. My nastiness was not acquiescing to their views. Not going to happen my ‘un’friend, not going to happen.

I have had assumptions made about my sexual orientation, my life experiences, my nationality and more based on my views. Why can an individual not hold certain ethics simply because it is who they are – which of course can be influenced by one or all the above but need not be an autopilot blind creation of any/all of them? Why do influencing factors (let’s say like being the mother of young women out and about in the world) negate the validity of my opinion?

I have been called some interesting names – some even grossly misspelled – I mean come on people – it’s not difficult to spell those words!

I have received threats – and I guess why that shocks me is that I am a nobody – not a public figure who can influence anyone or make anything happen on any scale broader than my own ballot selections  so why the instant leap to threat of violence to a stranger on the internet who doesn’t agree with you?

And the one that got me writing this morning was the message from a woman who told me to

‘just shhhhhhhhh….. shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no one wants to hear you’. Well maybe YOU don’t Cookie, but others might and even if no one does, I still – at least at the moment – have the freedom to voice what I will. Besides when I’m told to shhhhh I get wordily ornery and write boring blogs like this one. 

Instead of shushing me, why not look at why me stating my views is so vioelntly upsetting to you??!!