This started as a Facebook post - which I suppose has become my new 'rough draft scribble pad'. I see headlines, reactions from others, and my opinions surface and sometimes even solidify into words.

So, about this Pepsi ad debacle – really – about how the majority of us at least some of the time – are missing the mark in forging a world of inclusivity, equality, fairness, and love.

People must engage the brain....that is not a slight at anyone’s intelligence, but rather a reminder to think things through further than the knee jerk reactions we all have. Engage that amazing mental apparatus and let it do what it is made to do.

While I find the recent Pepsi ad appalling on many levels and am glad it has been removed from mainstream media, the predominant complaint and headline fodder – that Kendall Jenner, the entitled focal point of the advert is Caucasian, is false. The supermodel in question is not ‘white’ - a light skin tone and a certain level of affluence does not make one ‘white’. Check her actual parentage. Not far off ancestry, but her mother’s actual nationality.

This cavalier grouping and labeling of the privileged is part and parcel of the very social perspective that causes hate to the less affluent, and to those of 'minority' status.

I am NOT saying Kendall - as an example - is a target of racism (though now she is in various forms) and was a proper representation of those resisting but... wait... why CAN’T rich famous white girls resist and protest and mean it!?!?!? Isn't that the whole aim here - to get EVERYONE united no matter who they are - fighting for what is fair and just, safe and right for all!??!

SO WTF people??? The VISUAL offends and so let's ignore facts (she is not Caucasian)...and let us hit home the fact that those of privilege should not fight, resist, add their fame-megaphoned-voice to what is being stated for equality for ALL (even if they themselves do not need it at the moment)??? Really??!

The casting of the ad as a WHOLE was too predominantly Caucasian and the 'protests of resistance are a soda party' representation was an appalling falsehood... yet sadly none of that is being adequately addressed because it is easier to focus on the rich famous 'white' girl in the spotlight.

Society we have dropped the ball again. Let’s grasp the pattern in our social response and the outrage from our inner biases and get smart, voice issues accurately so that they can resonate with validity, and have a shot at making positive productive change and impact. Isn’t that the point?!?!

Y'all shouldn't be drinking soda anyway... it's toxic as hell.