Yes indeed, art is about truth and expression

Never holding back, no form of repression

But no woman needs YOU, to be famous

Just cut the crap, stop trying to shame us.


Look….I can write poetry and whatnot but in no way do I claim to be able to freestyle rap…but now that I have your attention…..


You are totally missing the big picture here Kanye. Totally missing it.

You want to run the world, you see all things, you really get it, YOU are the real artist, etc etc

From that am I to understand that your uncensored truth is that women are only good for sex, but if they play, you pay with giving them fame? Skin exposure for media exposure…. tit for… tat? As it were.

Your multi tweet explanation to us small minded plebes (look it up if you need to) just clarified in repetitive detail (DUDE! Track what you’ve already said!! Sheesh!) that you have a vile disregard and disrespect for women. EVEN if your wife agreed to your lyrics of basically hoping for sex with the leggy white girl, then that is even more sad, that you, her husband, are just one more voice in her life telling her that her worth is only physical. Reminder here: Unlike previous times when this has been mentioned to you, the response of ‘I don’t just love her for her body, she also gave me my child’, is indeed about her body… not sexual pleasure wise but as a breeder. Your point is always clear. Besides, how much DOES she agree to just so you shut up and stop yammering?!?

Over the years you have made disrespectful statements about the First Lady (y’know the one…where she doesn’t take nude selfies as hot as your wife does… yeah that stellar comment!), Beyonce…. I’m sorry that it eats away at you that you have no ‘go to’ inner rationalization for why you are not respected and liked, as Jay Z is, nor are you president. I get it. It hurts Man. Clearly it’s not a racial thing so well then it must be about YOU… what is lacking in YOU that you are just… you??? OHHHHHHH but wait. You ARE all that and a side of fries, but we small minded people just don’t understand you. We have censored out what we don’t grasp. Firstly, no we haven’t. We hear the strong lyrics but then you ruin your own tracks with injecting hate and ego and drown it all out. Secondly, when you are jealous, and having your ‘but I’m a big man too’ moment, you attack the women. The wives of the men you wish you were… and now… again… a young female pop star. Honey, if she wasn’t already famous you could’ve indeed ‘let her finish’ (wondering if that’s a problem Kim has with you too) and would not need to name drop her in your new work.

Greatness is not how big the ball of burning passion is within you, it is about what you DO with it.

Shaming your exes, bragging (only) about your wife’s physical attributes, talking about (even potential) sex with another women (that’s a two for one deal since it degrades Taylor and your wife/marriage in one hit), repeatedly stating that another artist has no talent… that only YOU are a true artist worthy of being heard… are you really so intimidated by a young woman that you just can’t help yourself but be a vile misogynistic pig?

But here’s the thing … I agree with you. Art IS to be the uncensored expression of what is inside. And what do you show us is inside you Mr West? Misogyny, a fearful little boy throwing a tantrum in his ‘work’, hate, sexism…. That’s what YOU express.  If that is what IS inside you, then own it. Have the balls to say it and stand by it, and don’t give an eight tweet defense of further disgusting crap that in the end tries to dump it in Ms Swift’s lap.

And NO! Society, men and women alike, of ALL races NEVER need to get wise and get aboard your hate train. No one needs to like you for what you say in life. If you are true to the truth of art, you wouldn’t care. You’d state your obnoxious, derisive views and be done no matter what rained down. Beating people down with more spastic words does not sway them to join your sexist notions. Does not make anyone agree that for you to be THE MAN OF POWER or whatever the fuck title you seek in yourself, that you must rise that high climbing on women you have knocked down. Stop stepping on others to rise… Seriously Man, can’t you get (it) up on your own?

Notorious and famous are not the same thing.

Fame and respect are not the same thing.

Speaking the truth rarely gets you adoration.

Deal with it.


But hey Man, feel free to disagree, and even hate this

Just give it a rant as y’know… this bitch needs to be famous.